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Tumescent Anesthesia

Why Choose Tumescent Anesthesia?

Dr. Jennifer Allen does all her surgeries with the aid of tumescent anesthesia.
Tumescent anesthesia is a revolutionary form of anesthesia first developed in the mid 1980’s.  It is considered one of the safest and most effective ways to administer anesthesia.  It has revolutionized the practice of cosmetic surgery.   Using this technique patients are awake and can see and participate in the final outcome of their surgery.  Patients are able to walk out of the office twenty minutes after their cosmetic surgery without having the side effects of general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Tumescent anesthesia is given by infusing a very dilute solution of lidocaine, a local anesthetic, along with the vasoconstrictive drug epinephrine, under the skin and into the area to be operated upon.  The infusion of the solution is associated with very little  to no discomfort.  Once the tumescent solution is placed into the area there is complete numbness of the treated area and the surgery can be performed with no discomfort. The numbing effects of the lidocaine persist for up to 12 hours after the surgery, so the post-operative discomfort is dramatically decreased with tumescent anesthesia.

The tumescent fluid contains a drug called epinephrine.  The purpose of the epinephrine is to constrict blood vessels and capillaries.  The result is minimal to no blood loss during the surgery.  This greatly adds to the safety of the surgery to have a bloodless field.   It also speeds recovery time after surgery as patients bodies are not stressed at replenishing their lost blood cells.  Bruising is also dramatically decreased after surgery because of the epinephrine.

The tumescent anesthesia technique is now considered the safest form of many cosmetic surgeries.   Not only has the tumescent technique proven to be safer than the standard technique using general anesthesia, but it is also less painful, is associated with much less intra-operative bleeding, minimizes post operative recovery time, and produces optimal cosmetic results.

Dr. Allen is highly concerned about patient comfort and is very happy to be able to offer this advanced technique of anesthesia to her patients.

Tumescent Anesthesia

  • Great safety profile
  • Improved cosmetic results
  • Minimal to no blood loss
  • Less post operative pain
  • Less bruising
  • Quick recovery
  • Offers pain control after surgery

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