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The Top 8 Signs You Will Be Happy You Chose to Have Liposuction

I have treated hundreds of women and men with liposuction procedures over the years, and my biggest joy is knowing that my patients are happy and satisfied with their results. After watching so many people go through the surgical process, I have noticed several trends that help to predict who will be most satisfied with their choice to have liposuction. [read more]

The Top 8 Signs You Have Chosen the Best Doctor For Your Cosmetic Injections

It is phenomenal the degree to which well-placed cosmetic injections of dermal fillers can restore a youthful look and augment the natural beauty of an aging face.  When facial cosmetic injections are done well, they are difficult to identify and what is seen instead is simply a fresh, natural, well rested look to the face.  [read more]

6 Reasons Your Liposuction Doctor Wants You to Appreciate Your Fat More

I’m Dr. Jennifer Allen of Portica Body & Face. As a Cosmetic Physician I have spent over a decade helping hundreds of women and men get rid of troublesome collections of fat.  People are very happy to say goodbye to their trouble spots and it’s a pleasure for me to be able to free them from their frustrations. I am struck though, that in many ways we have a strong dislike for our fat that is unwarranted and disregards it many benefits and necessary features. [read more]

The Top 8 Things to Consider About Cosmetic Injections Under Your Eyes

The undereye area presents several challenges when it comes to cosmetic injections.  First, the skin is quite thin in this area, which makes it less forgiving than other areas of the face.  Any bumps or indents in the contour due to the filler are more visible in this area.  Second, an abundance of vessels surround the eyes which can lead to increased bruising and swelling after an injection. [read more]