Bellafill is the only FDA approved long lasting filler with results lasting for up to five years. Bellafill is made from microscopic spheres of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). These PMMA spheres are suspended in a smooth collagen gel. Once the Bellafill is injected, the collagen gel starts working immediately to reduce the look of both deeper wrinkles and fine lines. Over time, the spheres of PMMA provide a “scaffold” onto which your body can build its own natural collagen. The stimulated collagen creates more volume to the skin and helps your skin become resistant to further wrinkling and folding in the areas where the Bellafill is injected. The natural looking results of Bellafill are present for up to five years.

The instant results patients experience at Portica after undergoing injections with Bellafill are primarily due to the purified collagen that is in each syringe of Bellafill. Over several months time, the injected collagen is naturally broken down and your body begins to build collagen around the matrix of the PMMA particles. This effect of your own body’s collagen is a unique and markedly helpful aspect of this filler.

At Portica, Bellafill injections are used to restore and maintain a fresh, rested look that is authentic and natural looking for each individual. Since Bellafill stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen, it essentially becomes a living implant made up of both the PMMA spheres and your natural collagen that builds upon it. Because of the collagen stimulating effect of Bellafill, we note that wrinkling in the treated areas becomes visibly improved over time. This is a different pattern from what we see with temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers which have their greatest effect immediately after injection and then slowly dissipate with the passage of time.

Bellafill has also been a particularly popular choice for our male clientele at Portica. The appeal for this population stems from the fact that Bellafill offers both a natural appearance and long-lasting results. Male patients often express a strong desire to have the results of their cosmetic procedure look completely natural and untouched. Our male patients also frequently express a preference for treatments that are long lasting and do not require multiple repeat treatments to maintain the look. Our clientele who choose Bellafill have been very satisfied with their long-lasting, natural results.