Kybella is a treatment we offer at Portica to address the fat collection that is present under the chin in some individuals. Some people refer to this fat collection as a “double chin”. People can experience fat collection in this area due to weight gain, genetics, or aging. You do not have to be overweight to have fullness under your chin. Fat collection in this area due to genetics or aging is resistant to diet and exercise.

The active ingredient in Kybella is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic Acid occurs naturally in the body. It is a molecule that is both manufactured and released in our digestive system to help break down the fats that we ingest.

Kybella is an FDA approved treatment for submental fullness which is delivered via multiple small injections. The fat cells that are destroyed with each treatment session of Kybella are permanently destroyed and do not return.

Most patients will need to receive several treatment sessions of Kybella to achieve optimal results. How many sessions an individual will need depends on the amount and distribution of their fat. Each Kybella treatment session is given at least one month apart. In clinical studies, 59% of patients underwent six treatment sessions, which is the maximum amount of treatments an individual should receive of Kybella. At Portica, most patients treated with Kybella undergo 3-4 treatment sessions. Once patient reaches their desired cosmetic result, the treated fat will not return and further injections of Kybella are not expected.

During a treatment session with Kybella, multiple small injections are done under the chin in the affected area of fat. The injection process is quite brief and will take about ten minutes or less. The exact number of injections done with each treatment session will depend on the amount of fat that is being treated.

It is common to experience swelling in the first several days after Kybella injections. It is also common to experience numbness in the treated area that lasts several weeks after treatment. Some individuals may experience an area of hardness in the treated area that can last for weeks after injection, but this is less common than the soft swelling and numbness described above.