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At Portica Body and Face we offer a wide variety of injectable options to our clientele.  There is no one answer that is right for every person.  Dr. Allen has had many years experience with each of the fillers and is able to customize each patients treatment based on the varying qualities of the different fillers combined with her clinical evaluation of each patient and discussion of what they want to achieve.  At Portica, our clients’ options are great, and include Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, Bellafill and Sculptra.

Dr. Allen has done extensive injectable training and has worked with some of the most experienced, talented injectors from the East to West Coast of the US. Her techniques result in a beautiful, natural appearance that is reached in a gentle, atraumatic manner.  Our clients walk out of Portica with no signs that they have visited a cosmetic surgeon, instead they looked like a refreshed, more timeless version of their best selves.  Dr. Allen has a skill of recognizing the native beauty in each person and feels that treatments should work with and augment what is attractive and beautiful about each patient.  It is well known that Dr. Allen’s technical skill and experience is well matched by her artistic eye.  She treats her work as not just a technical skill but a refined art.

Our clients understand very quickly after meeting Dr. Allen, that she takes each patients case as imminently important, and is passionate about getting great results for YOU.

Here is a bit of background on the injectable products we offer. Dermal Fillers are products such as Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, Bellafill, Sculptra and Radiesse.  These products are used to treat fine lines, deeper wrinkles and areas of soft tissue atrophy.  They are most commonly used on the bottom 2/3’s of the face.  In general, they work by adding volume to the area where they are injected.  Dysport and Botox are also injectable products used to treat wrinkles, but they work in a much different manner.  These products do not add volume, instead they deactivate the communication between the nerves and muscles in the area treated, so that the muscle action that causes the wrinkling is diminished.  Botox and Dysport are primarily used on the wrinkles in the top 1/3 of the face. The results of dermal fillers are immediate and whereas the results of botox and dysport take several days to appear.

Learn more about our fillers and injectables, including Bellafill, Juvederm, BOTOX®, Radiesse, Siloxane Oil (Silikon 1000®) and Restylane, in the product descriptions below. As you are researching providers of BOTOX® in Salt Lake City and beyond, we think you will find that Portica Body and Face meets all of your injectable needs.

Bellafill – Bellafill is a semi permanent filler that provides wrinkle and volume correction for five to 15 years. The unique microspheres work with your skin to produce collagen, which provides the support your skin needs for natural, long lasting results. Bellafill can be used to treat wrinkles and improve contour in multiple areas of the face.  Bellafill is an excellent choice to improve the contour and restore the youthful appearance to the under eye region. Dr. Allen has perfected the use of Bellafill in this region to obtain a natural, smooth, refreshed appearance. She uses special soft tipped needles for this area of the face which dramatically help to minimize bruising and swelling.  Many patients leave the office with no signs that they have undergone injections, besides having a more youthful refreshed look. Dr. Allen is a Bella diamond provider for Bellafill and is in the top 1% of injectors in the nation!

Juvederm – Juvederm is a gel filler that helps to smooth out wrinkles in the nose and mouth area instantly for up to a year.  Juvederm has a smooth consistency and is well tolerated.


BOTOX and Dysport – BOTOX® and Dysport are two of the most popular injectables, and they have a wide variety of uses. They are most commonly used to treat wrinkles in the top third of the face. They create a smooth, relaxed appearance and last up to four months.  Both women AND men have seen wonderful, consistent results with these products.


Radiesse  – A new, long-lasting injectable product, Radiesse is the only filler that immediately replenishes lost volume and stimulates the production of your own natural collagen for long-lasting results.  Radiesse is an excellent choice for restoring volume in the mid and lower face.


Perlane – This is a safe and effective hyaluronic acid that restores volume and fullness to the skin, thus reducing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds for a younger-looking you.


Sculptra – You will be able to consider all your options with Dr. Allen before making a decision. If you are looking for Botox or Dermal Fillers, Salt Lake City, has plenty of options, but you won’t find the attention to detail, refined work and such a sophisticated service offered anywhere but at PORTICA Body and Face.

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