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Facial Volume Replacement

As we have gotten smarter in the world of cosmetic interventions we have realized that a lot of what ages a mans face is the atrophy of fat and the resorption of bone which diminishes the structural support to the face. These factors create a hollowing and sagging appearance of the mid face. Most men can see that they are looking older but do not recognize that volume loss is the reason that their face is beginning to “sink” and “sag”.

This is especially true in older men, who develop loss of volume in the midface and a “hound dog” look starts to develop. In the past, face lift procedures were recommended for this issue, but facelifts did not restore the lost volume and do not have the natural, pleasant and proportioned look that comes with restoring volume to the face. Facelifts are also associated with significant down time and leave men with large scars that are difficult to hide with any receding hair.

At Portica Body & Face we are on the forefront of cosmetic treatments. We are aware of the great advantages of replacing lost volume in mens faces to regain their youthful appearance. After having their cheeks and mid face “volumized” with dermal fillers a lot of patients come back to say that they did not realize what a big difference putting the fullness and structure back into their cheeks, lateral face and temples has made and they usually request more volume. Restoring facial volume has a twofold benefit. It provides a fuller more youthful and convex appearance to the cheeks, which appears healthy and youthful, and it has a lifting, pulling effect that counteracts the appearance of shadows and folds in the mid and lower facial regions.

What Products can be used to replace Facial Volume?

Fillers: Fullness can be restored through a variety of fillers including temporary (like Juvederm and Perlane), long-term (Sculptra and Radiesse) or permanent (Artefill). Injecting fillers is a non-invasive option that gives an immediate result with virtually no down time. You can walk into the office, have the injections done and return to work immediately. It is remarkable how many aspects of the aging face can be treated with fillers. Some of the non-permanent fillers can last up to five years, but most need additional treatments.

Fat Transfer: this is a good option if you’d like long term results, but can endure some downtime. You will first undergo a microliposuction procedure to remove fat from another area of the body, then it will be prepared to be injected into your face. It’s also a good option if you are wary of injecting other types of fillers into your skin. The fat is your own, so your body will not reject it.

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