Botox was the first of the neurotoxins to be developed and subsequently used for cosmetic purposes. It is most commonly used at Portica to treat the wrinkles that occur on the top one-third of the face. Botox is made of botulinum toxin and the toxin works by decreasing the muscle motion and repetitive facial motion that creates wrinkling over time.

The single most common area for people to seek Botox treatments at Portica is the area between the eyes, followed by the forehead, and then the “crows feet” or smile lines at the sides of the eyes. Portica clients seek their Botox treatments here knowing they will get both a significant reduction in their wrinkles and a natural look that allows for some continued facial movement and expression. Botox treatments are a quick ten minute treatment with minimal to no downtime.

It will take 3-5 days after the injection of Botox to see the full results. The results are strongest at about 2 weeks after injections and relax into the most natural look in the weeks after that. The biologic effects of Botox work for approximately 3-4 months. Botox injections can help break the habit of making certain facial expressions, so the effects can last for many months beyond the time that the Botox has been metabolized and eliminated from the treated facial muscles.

At Portica, we are aware that no two patients are the same and treatments are always individualized for best outcomes. Correct and individualized placement of Botox allows for the most optimal result. We take great care at Portica to carefully customize each client’s Botox injections so that individual results appear natural and cosmetically pleasing. There are slight variations in muscle anatomy, muscle strength, skin wrinkling patterns and responses to Botox in each patient. Being aware and astute to these variations allows for more optimal Botox placement and improved results.