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Our Philosophy

We have several guiding philosophies which direct the care you will receive at PORTICA Body and Face.

First, we have an unwavering dedication to excellence which affects every aspect of our practice. We provide state-of-the-art cosmetic services to our clients in the safest, most refined, respectful manner.  This is achievable only when we expect the very best of ourselves in everything from our front desk services to the workings of the surgical suite.

Second, we believe cosmetic interventions should be done with three guiding principles:

1. Each intervention should be as minimally-invasive as possible. Small preventative steps are a key to a more natural, soft, pretty, age-defying you.

2. Treatments must be individualized for each patient. Each patients needs and expectations are evaluated so that the safest, most effective treatments can be costumized for that patient. The best approach is different for each patient and there are no cookie-cutter procedures for our patients at PORTICA.

3. We want our results to look soft and natural and to augment each individuals own beauty. Cosmetic work is at its best when it is done in an manner that complements and augments a persons natural beauty.

Third, at Portica Body and Face we believe in the great importance of staying up-to-date with the best practices, best technology and best surgical techniques. I believe it is not enough for physicians to train four years in medical school, three years in specialty training and one year in additional fellowship training. We all JUST BEGIN learning once we finish our formal education.

The technology that is the most effective for our patients did not even exist when 95 percent of practicing medical doctors were in formal training, and the medical schools often could not afford to train us on the best equipment because of its expense. That is why I believe in being a lifelong learner and fostering that love of learning into our company’s culture.

You will see from the many testimonials on this website that our philosophy resonates with our patients, and that our patients are extremely happy with their results and experiences at Portica Body and Face.

Warm regards,

Dr. Jennifer Allen

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