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“After having my third child, I found myself with a body I did not recognize. I had some real trouble spots that exercise did not seem to help. Meeting Dr Jennifer Allen changed my life. She made me feel so comfortable. She is so professional and honest. After my laser liposuction procedure, I felt so much better about myself. It gave me the boost I needed to lose 30 lbs! And the fat has not returned. The recovery was short, and Dr Allen followed up and helped me every step of the way. I highly recommend Dr Allen, and Vaser liposuction. It was worth every penny! And Dr Allen is a capable, incredible physician you can trust.”

“I love my new youthful appearance that Dr Allen gave me. She really took time to listen and understand the natural results I wanted from Botox and Juvederm. I have to admit I am quite particular about my treatments and I like it to be PERFECT. I have gone to the most well known practices around Salt Lake City prior to finding Dr. Allen. When I had my first treatment from her I knew I had found the one. She listened to me and did exactly what I wanted. I just love that I look better but no one can tell that I have had filler or Botox. I still look just like myself but just a younger, fresher version of me.”

“My experience with Dr. Allen was fantastic. From the beginning of the process she showed genuine interest, concern and tremendous capability. I had some reservations about the initial procedure and the healing time, but she helped me understand and feel confidant about the surgery and my ability to heal and adapt. She made me feel safe and well cared for as she continued to follow up with her work. Her suggestions and expertise were invaluable and the results were just what I hoped for. Dr. Allen is warm, calm, sincere and has a great artistic eye. I trust her abilities and genuine concern for my well being immensely. She is exceptional in her area of expertise and I would recommend her to all my family and friends. In fact, I will be back to visit with her soon! Thanks Dr. Allen for the gift of beauty and confidence.”

“I had VASER Lipo on my full abs, hips and flanks, and my full back by Dr. Allen. At the same time I had a fat transfer to my breasts. I am so happy with the results. I have always carried my weight around my middle and had to wear clothes that would hide it. For the first time in my life I can wear jeans without having the hangover and I can buy a top in a medium size without having to try it on and have it fit.

A year before I saw Dr. Allen, I had laser lipo on my abs by another doctor. His work left me terribly disfigured. For a year I was so upset. When I finally met Dr. Allen she reassured me that she could fix my abs. I was so happy after talking to Dr. Allen that I had found someone who had the expertise to fix what was wrong. The results I got with Dr. Allen were more than I expected. My abs are totally flat with no loose skin. Even though I had multiple areas of lipo and the Natural Breast Augmentation all at the same time, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to get over. They were done on Thursday and I was back to work on Monday. There was no pain even right after. The fat transfer to the breast was very easy. Almost no discomfort and I love the results. I was considering implants and I am so happy I went with fat transfer. My breasts are so nice and so much more natural looking. I get lots of compliments on my new figure and I love knowing that its ‘all me’!”

“I think of myself as being pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the subject of injectables, and I’m a pretty picky client when it comes to “who” does my treatments. With my experience as a Master Esthetician and having had the opportunity to work for several doctors, known for their specialty in doing injectables, botox and dysport, I think I have every reason to only want to go to the best of the best! I found Dr. Allen over a year ago and had her start doing my filler and botox for me. She has been helpful in maintaining the previous area’s of my face that I always have injected BUT she also made some wonderful suggestions for me. Using her artistic eye she helped me with my hollow tear troughs and my slowly disappearing cheeks. I loved her suggestions. I also appreciate her attention to detail and ability to listen and take her to time when doing my injectables. She’s the “best of the best” in my mind and I would highly recommend her work.”

“I am a veteran of twenty-eight years in a public position, but I don’t want to look like a veteran when I’m at a podium or have a TV microphone in front of me. Dr. Allen has helped me retain my professional, youthful appearance. I leave her office looking natural and refreshed. Nobody ever knows I have had anything done, and that is the way I want it! I trust Dr. Allen’s advice and her artistic eye. She’s got the skills to give me the natural, age- defying results I need. I strongly recommend her.”

“Dr Jennifer Allen is an amazing person, she is truly beautiful inside and out. She is also highly educated by the best and she is extremely skilled & talented. I decided to get liposuction on my stomach area once I realized it was an issue that wasn’t able to fix myself despite all my efforts. She did an amazing job, along with her team. I would say the results definitely exceeded my expectations. I also received excellent aftercare and Jennifer’s “patient care” is above and beyond. I really developed a good friendship with her and knew that she cared about my well-being and continued success. I have long standing social relationships with multiple experienced well-known plastic surgeons, but I would only trust Dr Allen to do these types of procedures. Along with being so well trained and knowledgeable, she is experienced with the latest technologies/techniques, which is more than I can say about the other old schoolsurgeons I know. Just trying to figure out what other procedures I can have done next, just so I can deal with her on that level again! Thank you very much Dr Jennifer Allen!”

“Dr. Jennifer Allen is a true treasure. I have had the pleasure of working with her as her nurse and surgical first assistant since she began her aesthetic practice. I have personally worked with 100’s of physicians’ from all medical fields and her results compete with the best in the country. I am always impressed with her drive and passion to improve her surgical skills at every opportunity. Her enthusiasm for what she does is contagious and this has a huge impact on her patients and the incredible staff that surrounds her. In an industry that is over saturated with cosmetic options it’s nice to know there are a few that separate themselves from the rest with their raw talent and skillful eye for the artistic industry that we love.”

“Dr. Allen is passionate about her profession. She truly enjoys helping clients look their best. She is constantly studying new techniques and the best procedures to help each individual case. I am a long distance runner and am very fit. Despite all my good habits, I never had a flat stomach. I went to Dr. Allen four years ago and had Laser Liposuction. I have been thrilled with my results. I appreciate my flat stomach every day of my life. Dr. Allen worked hard to make sure I had awesome results and I am very grateful to her!”

“Friends had been recommending Dr. Allen to me for several years – they all said, ‘You’ll absolutely LOVE Jen.’ Admittedly, all of those friends looked fantastic! (and more importantly, they did not look like they were her “patients”). Still, I wasn’t sure how I felt about cosmetic procedures. As it turned out, I should have called Dr. Allen sooner – my friends were right – I DID absolutely love her, and she does amazing work! Dr. Allen took the time to listen to what I hoped to get from any procedures and to thoroughly explain the best available options. She carefully addressed the pros and cons of each procedure, while remaining thoughtful of my budget. She is extremely sensitive to doing just the right amount of work – striking a balance between not doing enough to see results, and doing so much that the results overtake your natural features. She is a gifted cosmetic surgeon, with an eye for detail and quality results that set her apart from other practitioners. She is also extremely approachable and easy to talk to, making a visit to her a wonderful opportunity to talk about any work you may be considering. With Dr. Allen, I received personal attention, exceptional care, and results that made me feel completely refreshed, but not overdone. I can’t wait to go back for more!!”

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