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Skin Care

Radiant, beautiful skin is a key factor in how you look and feel.

So much so, that studies of twins have shown that luminous skin alone can make an individual look 10 years younger.  With literally thousands of products on the market, it can be difficult to find a skin care regimen that achieves the results you desire.

The right home skin care regimen not only improves your skin’s appearance but can help you get the best restuls from your in-office cosmetic treatmen, whether you’ve undergone a photofacial, injectable treatment, or facial cosmetic surgery.  For example, we recommend that patients having Sculptra treatments start using a retinoid (which boosts collagen production) prior and after the treatment.

Anti-Aging Products

After analyzing your skin, Dr. Allen will recommend products that are specifically compatible with your skin type and will maximize the results you obtain from your skin care products.  You are spending money on these products and we want results.  Issues such as hyperpigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles and dull skin can all be addressed whether you are oily or dry, even in patients with very sensitive skin. Our office carries several lines of skin care prodcuts so that each patient will have the particular product that suits their skin.

After your evaluation, you will receive a Skin Care Guide which outlines the skin care routine you should follow, lists the products we suggest and inludes website addresses where you can purchase products we recommend but do not stock. We offer prescription regimens for patients who require more intense treatments.  Each of us should be eating a diet hgih in anti-oxidants to improve our skin health, avoid excessive sun exposure and wear SPF at all times of the year.


NeoCutis is one of the most biotechnically advanced skincare lines available.  The NeoCutis products were developed at a Swiss Univeristy Hospital and all contain PSP’s which stands for Processed Skin Cell Proteins.  The development of these proteins were inspired by the unique healing properies of fetal skin and were developed using cultured stem cells.  The proteins provide an optimal, naturally balanced mixture of skin nutrients including cytokines, growth factors and antioxidants.  These products provide excellent anti-aging activity and rich nutrients to the skin.


M2 is a skin care line which incorporates Mandelic and Malic Acids into each of their products. These unique Alpha Hydroxy Acids have the amazing ability to resurface your skin, elminate acne, soften wrinkles, and lightencars and hyperpigmentation.


Avene is a very pure and gentle skin-care line specially formulated for individuals with sensitive skin. It was developed in the south of France and to this day is formulated with thermal spring water from the Sainte-Odile spring.  Each product is created with a minumum of ingredients that are dermatologically tested for optimal tolerance on skin that is easily irritated by soap, fragrance, colorants and preservatives.


Revision is an anti-aging skin care line which caters to the specific needs of particularly difficult to treat areas such as the under eye area and the neck.  Revision products are focused on creating brighter, smoother, more radiant skin.

Corrective Skin Care

Corrective Skin Care is a high quality, all organic, hand formulated skin care line.  Their products are all chirally correct which means that the active ingredients are chemically structured to be compatable, easily recognized and easily activated in the skin.  Corrective Skin Care has a line of Acne treatments which have proven to be very effective and well tolerated in our patients.


Glytone is a skin care line which provides targeted solutions for skin rejuvenation through the utilization of the highest free acid levels available.  Glytone offers a comprehensive product line which addresses skin rejuvenation on multiple levels at an affordable price.

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