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Natural Breast Augmentation

Have you ever joked with your girlfriends, “wouldn’t it be great if we could just take some fat from down there and put it up here?!” Well, it isn’t just a funny, wishful thought anymore, it is a reality! Natural Breast Augmentation is a procedure where the fat from unwanted places such as the thighs, or love handles, is removed in a gentle manner through liposuction and then carefully transplanted into the breasts. The result is 100% natural, larger, fuller, more shapely breasts that are permanent, soft, and implant free.

Dr. Allen is one of few physicians in the country who is able and experienced at performing this technical procedure. She is one of even of smaller group of Salt Lake Area Cosmetic Surgeons who are able to offer Natural Breast Augmentation. Dr. Allen initially trained with one of the pioneers of the Natural Breast Augmentation and has gone on to develop her own refinements and perfections of the procedure.

Natural Breast Augmentation is a great procedure for women who:

  • Would like fuller breasts that are all natural.
  • Do not like the look and feel of implants.
  • Do not want to undergo surgeries down the road that implants will require as implants need to be replaced on average every 10 years.
  • Do not have significant sagging of their breasts.
  • Would like a 1 to 1 ½ cup increase in the size of their breasts.
  • Have some areas of fat reserve that they would like to see diminished (thighs, tummy, love handles).
  • Would like to have future pregnancies and have the option of breast feeding a baby.

Natural Breast Augmentation may not be the best option for women who:

  • Want the dramatic round, full look of silicone or saline breast implants.
  • Want a 2 or more cup size increase in your breasts.
  • Have a family history of breast cancer in a mother or sister who was younger than age 50.
  • Have no fat stores in their thighs, tummy or love handles.
  • Have significant sagging of their breasts.

How is Natural Breast Augmentation performed?


Natural Breast Augmentation begins with a gentle manner of harvesting fat using nutational liposuction. Gentle cannulas and techniques are used to obtain small, smooth portions of fat that remain viable and are able to survive after transplantation.

After the fat is harvested it is processed to remove the excess fluid, lidocaine and minimal amounts of blood that may be present. Care is taken to obtain and process the fat so that the stem cells or ADRC’s (adipose derived regenerative cells) are activated and remain alive and well. These valuable cells support the growth and survival of the fat once it is transplanted into the breasts. The more ADRC’s that remain viable the better percentage of fat survival a patient will experience with fat transfer to the breasts.

Once the fat has been harvested and processed it is then injected droplet by droplet into the breast. This is a slow, technically difficult step. The breast is shaped in the most cosmetically pleasing way for each individual. The majority of the fat is transplanted in the space below the skin, but above the gland. This allows for the best viability of the fat and for the greatest volume increase in the breast.

Tumescent anesthesia and conscious sedation are used throughout the procedure to keep the patient comfortable.

How does the expense of Natural Breast Augmentation compare to Breast Implants?

The price of Natural Breast Augmentation includes 2-3 areas of liposuction vs. Breast Implant surgery which does not include any liposuction. Secondly, Natural Breast Augmentation does not require surgeries to revise or replace anything down the road.

Although the initial cost of natural breast augmentation is greater than breast implants, over a life-time, the cost of Natural Breast Augmentation is less then the cost of Breast Implants because with implants they need to be replaced on average every 10-15 years The average woman with breast implants will require 2-3 surgeries in her lifetime.

The value of the liposuction that comes with natural breast augmentation should be considered as well.

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