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Fat Transfer to the Face

“You DON’T need a face-lift to look better!”

Why Have Fat Transfer to the Face?

Achieving a soft, natural beautiful refreshed look is possible without an invasive surgery.   Fat transfer to the face is becoming a more and more sought out procedure because the results are so soft, pretty and natural appearing.

As we age we lose both collagen and fat in our faces.   The fat loss in the mid face causes a tired, aged look.  Often the fat loss in the mid face is combined with increased fat in the jowls.   When this occurs, the attractive triangular shape of a youthful face is transformed to a more unattractive trapezoid shape in an older face.

You don’t need a face-lift to look better

For years, cosmetic surgeons have turned to face-lift procedures to try and reverse the signs of aging. Often these surgeries have left a patient with a tight, pulled and slightly gaunt, un-natural appearance.   As the art and science of cosmetic surgery have evolved, the importance of “volume-replacement” is being recognized as one of the most useful and integral (yet often ignored) parts of maintaining and restoring youthful beauty to a face.

Volume replacement has been overlooked in the past, but now the best surgeons across the US and the world are recognizing how vital volume replacement is.  Adding fullness in the appropriate areas restores the attractive contours that we associate with health, youth, beauty and a person appearing well-rested.  In many cases volume replacement via fat transfer to the face restores a fresh, pretty, natural look more than a face-lift would and yet nobody can tell what it is that you have done to look more refreshed.

10 Reasons to use Fat for Facial Rejuvenation

There are some significant advantages to using your own fat to restore facial volume and improve overall facial contour.

  • The results of fat transfer to the face are long lasting.
  • Fat is an all-natural approach and requires no foreign substance to be placed in your body.
  • Because most patients have a sufficient volume of fat a very comprehensive job of volume replacement can be achieved.   The average fat transfer to the face uses 40-60 cc of fat, vs. 1-3 cc with the average dermal filler procedure.
  • Multiple volume depletion issues can be treated in one session: cheek and lip augmentation, nasolabial folds, brow lift, eye rejuvenation,  sunken temples, marionette lines, smile lines, softening of forehead lines etc.  Because so many areas can be treated results are dramatic but still soft and natural looking.
  • Fat is soft and smooth which creates a great cosmetic outcome
  • Fat is a more affordable option cc per cc when compared to dermal fillers.  Using a comparable amount of dermal filler to replenish volume loss would cost considerably more than does fat from your own body.
  • Fat can be frozen and stored for subsequent injections
  • Fat is one of the best sources of stem cells in the human body, these cells (also called ADRC’s-Adipose derived regenerative cells) support the growth and regeneration of surrounding cells.
  • Fat that is transferred to surrounding tissue encourages increased health and vitality of the tissue.  Patient who have fat transfer not only notice volume improvement but also a healthier glow and appearance of the overlying skin.
  •  No incisions are required and fat is transferred through injection sites that are no larger than 2 mm.

Why choose Dr. Allen to perform your Fat Transfer to the Face?

Dr. Allen is experienced with fat transfer procedures and consistently obtains great results for her patients.

Every fat transfer procedure, whether it is to the face, Natural Breast Augmentation or a Brazilian Butt Lift begins with a liposuction procedure.  Dr. Allen has had years of experience with liposuction.  She performs each case with the greatest of care and the highest attention to detail.  She wants each patient to obtain a beautifully contoured, cosmetically appealing, sculpted result.  Liposuction is a tedious procedure that can be done with great care as in her case, or with little patience and attention to detail as can be the case in other hands.

Dr. Allen has tested the best of techniques for processing harvested fat and preparing it for re-injection.  After experience with these various methods she has chosen the best processes and technology to perform this step.  This has added to the high fat retention rates and smooth, natural looking results her patients enjoy.

Dr. Allen reinjects the fat by making hundreds of passes to lay down the fat droplet-by-droplet.  This advanced technique ensures better long-term survival of the fat and smooth results. The fat is placed into different tissue layers to create a three dimensional, soft and natural looking result.  She uses the smallest of cannula’s and a very gentle touch to minimize the trauma to the surrounding tissue.

Dr. Allen uses her educated, artistic eye to create the most natural and attractive results for each individual.  She understands an eye for the aesthetic is just as important for optimal outcomes as is using the most up-to-date technology and surgical techniques.

Dr. Allen is able to freeze and store the fat for later use, if a patient requires subsequent sessions of volume enhancement.  Each patient is treated to the point of correction, and if further fat is needed after an initial healing period, then a second procedure can be done with the frozen fat.

What can I expect during the surgery?

You will be awake and comfortable through out your surgery.  The liposuction portion of the surgery is done under tumescent anesthesia.  Dr. Allen uses facial nerve blocks to anesthetize the face for the fat transfer portion of the surgery.

What can I expect after surgery?

Depending on how comprehensive the fat transfer procedure was and other details of your surgery, you will likely have some bruising and swelling in your face.  Some patients have minimal to no bruising, but it is safest to plan on some social down time after the surgery.  The bruising can be diminished by taking Arnica Montanna on day prior to the surgery and for up to one week after.  Bromelain is a supplement which can decrease swelling and can also be taken the day of the surgery and in the immediate post op period to decrease swelling.

Post op pain is minimal, and can be treated with prescription pain medication if necessary.  Usually it is only needed the first day or two after surgery if it is needed at all.

If the tear troughs (under eye area) were treated, there can be swelling in that area that will take several weeks to completely resolve.    It helps to be patient in the weeks after having the under eye treated, as improvement of the swelling occurs with time.

Although infection is very rare, antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection in the first few days after a facial fat transfer procedure.

Contact our office for a consultation to learn more about facial rejuvenation through fat transfer and to determine with the help of Dr. Allen whether it is a good option for you.

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