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Brazilian Butt Lift

If you have ever complained of your butt being flat or just desired a more round and perky butt, then the Brazilian Butt Lift may be just what you are looking for…


A shapely butt will enhance the physical attractiveness of an individual and is associated with youth, health, beauty and a sensual body profile.   The well-proportioned curves of an attractive buttock highlight a slim waistline and complement other attractive features of a male or female physique.  An attractive bust line, slim waistline and shapely legs appear even more attractive when complimented with the sensual curves of a firm, perky butt.


Most individuals tend to lose muscle mass and superficial fat stores in their buttock as they age.  These changes lead to a “flat” or “flabby” appearing butt.   Other individuals never have the baseline muscle mass or fat distribution that gives the buttock a round, perky appearance.   The Brazilian Butt Lift by Dr. Allen can treat both.  It helps those who have never had the desirable curves and fullness of an ample buttock as well as those who have simply lost perky roundness with the passage of time. Patients of all ages can achieve a natural, perky, and more firm butt with the Brazilian Butt Lift.


The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that allows patients of all ages to achieve a natural, implant-free, sensually curved buttock.  In this specialized surgery, Dr. Allen first removes fat from selected body areas via the nutational liposuction procedure.  The harvested fat is then purified and treated for re-injection into the buttock.  With special small instruments and Dr. Allen’s sense of artistry, the fat is then re-injected meticulously via hundreds of mico-droplets into the upper and outer quadrant of the buttock to create a more shapely and sensual appearing butt.

The liposuction that is performed in conjunction with a Brazilian Butt Lift frequently involves the areas surrounding the buttock.  This serves to add to a more 
“carved-out” attractive appearing buttock and more attractive lower body.  At least two areas of liposuction are performed with each butt lift procedure in order to obtain an adequate amount of donor fat to be re-injected.   Patients who have buttock implants instead of the Brazilian Butt Lift do not get this added advantage of having the area surrounding the buttock treated with liposuction.


The harvested fat is processed sterilely to obtain the most viable, healthy fat cells.  These donor fat cells are then re-injected through extremely small incisions into the buttock.BrazillianButt2Thumbnail The fat is injected droplet by droplet into various layers of the buttock tissue.  It takes many injections through these tiny incisions to properly place the fat. The fat is typically concentrated in the upper quadrant to create the lift and roundness of a youthful, attractive buttock. Dr. Allen gives focused attention to each patient’s given shape to determine what will produce the most attractive results for the individual patient.  No two patients have the fat injected in the same quantity or same distribution as each patietn has a unique shape that calls for a specialized case-by-case approach.


Dr. Allen has given focused attention toward the study of the nuances of the shape of a female and male buttock that lead to an attractive ideal.   She interviews each patient in intimate detail in order to determine what each individual patient desires from the procedure.  She encourages patients to identify what represents an ideally shaped buttock to them.  She will help the patient even by comparing photos of what they perceive as a perfectly shaped butt.

Dr. Allen performs meticulous liposuction.  She takes great time and effort to thoroughly and precisely shape each liposuction area.  Her patients are very satisfied with their liposuction results and the dramatic change in their shape.

Dr. Allen has had several years of specialized experience in processing donor fat to ensure the healthiest most viable fat is used for injection.  She processes the fat in a closed, sterile system where fat is not exposed to air.   Dr. Allen also has a rich experience with fat injection techniques and uses the micro-droplet re-injection method when implanting the fat.  This precise, fine placement of the fat helps ensure cosmetically pleasing, smooth, and long lasting results.

Dr. Allen has studied the human form and identified the nuances of buttock shape that serve to create an attractive ideal. The standard of an attractive butt varies somewhat from one culture to another and certainly amongst the male to female form. Dr. Allen is educated in the commonalities of what people find attractive as well as the differences in what is judged as attractive. Because of her trained artistic eye, attention to detail, and excellent medical technique she is able to obtain beautiful results for her patients.


When the fat is harvested, processed and injected correctly the results are long lasting.  The great majority of patients do not require touch ups or a repeat session of fat transfer.BrazillianButt3Thumbnail  The longevity of the results is greatly increased with a physician who collects, processes and injects the fat with the best techniques.  Picking a surgeon with excellent skills and outcomes is the most important choice you will make when considering a Brazilian Butt Lift.


Patients are instructed not to sit on their buttock for at least 2 and up to 3 weeks following the surgery.  This seems difficult, but Dr. Allen will help you understand all you need to know about this post-op period. Post-operative discomfort is treated with prescription pain medication and is usually not needed more than 2-3 days after the surgery. There will be some bruising and swelling in the initial post-op period.  The bruising resolves in the first 1-2 weeks, but mild swelling can persist for up to several months.  The swelling will not be noticeable to other people but will be noticeable to the patient.  Antibiotics will be taken the morning of the surgery and continued for several days after.

Please contact our office for a consultation with Dr. Allen to discuss if this surgery is right for you.  Financing options are available.

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