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Scarless Breast Reduction

Smaller Breasts  • Beautiful Shape • Safer Surgery • Quick Recovery

Scarless Breast reduction is an advanced and refined surgical option to treat women with oversized breasts.  It is associated with a significant decrease in breast size and an improved breast shape.   You can typically expect a 2 cup decrease in breast size and a visible lift in the breasts.  These substantial improvements can be obtained with a rapid recovery, minimal scars, intact nipple sensation and an intact ability to breast-feed after the surgery.

Dr. Allen has multiple years experience performing the Scarless Breast reduction and has many happy patients who have undergone this procedure.  Her surgical technique and use of the advanced technology create excellent surgical outcomes with diminished risks and downtime compared to traditional older method breast reduction surgery.

Difficulties associated with enlarged breasts:

Women with oversized breasts frequently suffer some physical and emotional difficulties, some very debilitating.  Breast reduction surgery can help change your life by correcting the physical disproportion which causes a host of painful conditions, helping women feel better physically and emotionally, almost immediately.

Most Common Reasons for Breast Reduction:

  • Back, neck ad shoulder pain resulting from breasts’ excessive weight
  • Poor posture from the downward pull of the breast weight
  • Headaches
  • Numbness in hands and arms
  • Indentations in a woman’s shoulder caused by bra straps
  • Bothersome rashes underneath the breasts
  • Many women also suffer from:
  • Feelings of self-consciousness and low self-esteem
  • Poor body image
  • Feelings of disproportionate body image
  • Depression
  • Difficulty finding clothes that will fit
  • Difficulty exercising.

How is Scarless Breast Reduction performed?

The surgery is performed through several tiny incisions placed in the fold under and around the breast.   The breasts are then anesthetized with numbing fluid that is extremely effective in decreasing all sensation.  Next, small cannulas are placed through the little incisions and the fatty tissue is then suctioned out.

How much fat can be removed and how will my skin respond to the surgery?

The average volume reduced is 800 cc, ranging from 250 cc to  2,500 cc.   The amount of fat in the female breast ranges from 60-75%.  Because the breast tissue is composed of so much fat, removing the excess fat significantly reduces the size of the breast.   When the fat has been removed the remaining skin will naturally shrink to fit the new breast volume.  This happens no matter how old the patient is, or how large her breasts were.  This is a fact that has been well established in our practice.  The skin has a remarkable ability to contract, or “shrink” to fit the new size of the breast.

What kind of results do patients obtain from the surgery?  

Dr. Allen is able to achieve an average reduction of two cup sizes in each breast.  The skin will contract and shrink to fit the new breast size.  The nipple/areola is often elevated an average of six centimeters ranging from 2-13 centimeters.  This result is best seen after the swelling has gone down.  Scarless breast reduction provides a significant lift in all patients, thought the amount of lift is particularly influenced by the elasticity of the patients skin.

Advantages of Scarless Breast Reduction vs. The Older Traditional Method

  • No scarring: only miniscule scars placed at the crease of the breast
  • Quick recovery: while patients are advised to take a week off work, many return in 3 days
  • Improved more natural shape of the breast
  • Breast feeding ability remains intact
  • Potential to better detect reading of mammograms
  • Normal sensation remains in nipple and areola
  • Lower cost compared to traditional method
  •  Safer less invasive surgery
  • Scarless Breast Reduction treats Asymmetric breasts

Scarless breast reduction is ideal for correcting asymmetrical breasts, a very common condition in which one breast is larger then the other.  Usually the inconsistent size goes unnoticed by others because of clothing. But for the patient, the variation in size can be very upsetting when undressed or in bathing suits.  Teenage girls with asymmetrical breasts often suffer from self-consciousness and want their breasts to be more similar.  Scarless breast reduction provides a wonderful option to be able to adjust breast size without leaving a visible scar.


You will come out of surgery feeling alert and awake as there is no general anesthesia involved.  You will feel some tenderness in the breast area that can be easily controlled with oral pain meds.  This discomfort will decrease dramatically in the first few days after the surgery.  You will wear a compressive bra night and day in the weeks after your surgery.  This will help diminish the amount of swelling that develops and will also encourage skin retraction.

Dr. Allen may recommend that you undergo MLD after your surgery, which is a specialized type of therapy that encouraged the drainage of swelling from your breasts.

You will have swelling in your breasts for several months after the surgery. But even with the swelling you will notice a dramatic size reduction in your breasts and that your clothes fit better immediately after the surgery.  This improvement will only increase with time.  At about 3-4 months out you will see the final size of your breasts.

Incisions are very small and heal quickly.  Dr. Allen will ask that you keep the incisions moist with anti-bacterial ointment in the first weeks after surgery

We recommend that patients plan to take it easy for a week after surgery, but we find that most of our patients are ready to return to work 3 days post op.

The Older Traditional Method of Breast Reduction

The major disadvantage of the traditional method is that it leaves the patient with 12 inches of scarring on each breast, diminished nipple sensation, and an impaired ability to nurse.   In the traditional method, two long incisions are made-one along the bottom of the breast and one that runs from the nipple down the front of the breast in order to remove the fat that is weighing the breast down.   In addition, there is a circular incision made around the entire areola so that the nipple can be moved.  A circular incision around the areola and 12 inches of scarring on each breast may be difficult for a woman to live with.  There is also a risk of bleeding, infection, poor shape, and fat/skin/nipple necrosis.

The older method is typically performed under general anesthesia and takes between about 4 hours.  Blood transfusions are sometimes needed.  There is a risk of the blood supply being damaged during the surgery and as a result tissue necrosis (tissue death) can occur after the surgery.  Because of the extensive cutting done during the surgery, diminished nipple sensation often occurs after surgery.

Your Consultation

A consultation is important for you and Dr. Allen to communicate what you can expect from the surgery and what size decrease you would like to obtain from the surgery.  We invite you to call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Allen to discuss all these important details of the surgery and to determine if this advanced and refined surgery is right for you.

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